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During the last 3 months, a delivery driver for a cargo agent called me at home three times a week to pick up the tubekings packages. We often speak of their fleets in a threesome with him, so we decided to make fun of his lack of preparation on t- shorts or short skirts, my wife is Asian and a big body that's small breasts, which she wears a bra tubekings ever so in a low cut tubekings shirt that is a real twist especially when stooping to pick up something, which they managed to do it every time you turned. He was 28 years, so unless my wife blushed uncontrollably when my wife spoke to him. One day we decided to ask him if he liked to come to dinner, playing as England and he had tubekings just bought a huge TV, so I know in the 15 years since my wife never had the idea of a tripartite agreement lost sex life was always fun to live for years. accepted came to our house, my wife wore a black miniskirt, a low-cut blouse in particular put on makeup, something that has nevereen to wear during tubekings the day. about my wife, before he came, what would happen, but we were not even sure if it comes and pinches. any case, at 7 pm, came to us, we open a bottle of wine, we ate while watching the game, after playing a bottle of wine, talked and had a girlfriend was not a girl was not too long my wife was drunk and more obstacles sat, slowly crumbles as the drink of the entry into force. My wife ( as a pre -arranged ), complained that his back ached when they were at home, could easily go get a massage, I come to rub the back, said that raised the rear his shirt on our large rug on the floor was her short skirt riddenup to see her thong was. I suggested to put in a blue movie, I asked the driver what he thought than normal red nodded. After a few minutes of massage, the film of my wife (as a pre-agreed) He complains that I do a good job, as they would a hard massage the driver, the first attempt I said never thought someone who is not a massage, it would be a good thing if you wanted, but was told that for testing. another bottle of wine is opened, sat on the ground continued to rub his back, the heat was my wife said it was too hot, which is the mind that if you took off his shirt, he nodded, swallowed then she told me the baby oil. o oil is applied on the back, told the woman tubekings who wants to make his new coat, and it was okay to take it away, I said yes, before I could respond he was further to the back until she asked about her legs, looked at me, told me that, as it always was to be my wife. told me to sit on his lap leg massage, entered the center of his legs is higher, until she asked him to massage her ass, this time I was looking for approval only exerts , her little thong is not much to hidegot up the ass, so to see her pussy was already on the screen. when his hand near her pussy tubekings is lost, sighed, complained that his pants were rubbing on your legs you mind taking tubekings them off, out of her shirt in the massage to escape with his hard cock his shorts. S He made ​​no move until he is as she turned to him, he said rubbing her boobs tits when he had put his hand in his shorts with his rock hard cock played, I was always, I took off clothes and sat down slowly to touch my penis when I saw my wife to play with him. continued
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